About Real Food as Medicine

Many people get into trouble using a new appliance or device when they ignore the manufacturer’s/maker’s user manual. Likewise, humans get into trouble by ignoring the manual carefully designed to guide usage of the human-machine.

We specialize in educating especially WOMEN – ages 30 and above. Individuals, groups, organizations, churches, and families on how to care for their bodies – the human-machine.

We aspire to make your doctor’s job easier by showing you how to use simple remedies – scientifically proven to restore and sustain your wonderful design. Our goal is to empower you to understand and avoid or reverse prevalent chronic life-threatening diseases now common to our society.


We are committed to treating you in a dignified, respectful and ‘compassionate’ manner.


Our ‘purpose’ is to lead in the education of you – our client on healthful living.


Our passion is in ‘caring’ for people, spending quality time to listen to what matters most about their life.


It is our practice to equip you with knowledge which will empower you to take charge of your own health.


Honesty is our practice; highly supported by our congruent thoughts; and is our watchword with ourselves and our clients.


We take pleasure in conveying serious pieces of advice in fun ways; which relaxes your mind and promotes that ‘at home’ feeling you so much desire.

Mission statement

To heal wounded lives: What is a wounded life? – one that is physically hurting, emotionally sick, lonely, mentally depressed, spiritually nursing a feeling of lostness, helplessness or hopelessness.  By careful, candid, supportive individualized coaching techniques, you will become empowered through the journey of achieving that optimal healthy You, you so desire to be. 

 We are passionately committed to your continuous growth and development as we offer intensified moral and spiritual support through your guided discovery you will find value in gradually implementing simple lifestyle changes for an amazingly outrageous health.

Dr Ekele

MEET DR EKELE Nwankwo – DMin, BCC, DNom

Ekele has a lifelong passion for transforming lives. Her passion is driven by personal survival challenges and struggles through difficult situations from childhood, young-adulthood and motherhood. Today, through partnership with God, she strives to help other persons achieve their life-goals through her leadership and mentorship skills. The objective is to encourage individuals and families to foster sustainable holistic transformational change in their daily lives.



As a health and life-style consultant for several years, her focus is in educating, coaching and mentoring people on how to make informed choices about wellness and the attainment of personal life goals. Through facilitation of cooking classes, workshops for women which includes how to use natural therapeutic ‘Essential Oils’ and blends, many participants achieve positive health outcomes.


Her book – Simple Solutions: A Trip Into Sustainable Well-Care published in 2019, is available by direct order through her website and on Amazon. This book passionately explores the relationship between food, lifestyle, longevity and disease from ancient times to our time. She outlines simple natural remedies, recipes, scientific research, and testimonials based on careful adherance to “the original plan”; showing how you can live abundantly with ease and not with dis-ease, on a total plant-based nutrition. Ekele is also co-author of a 2020 Women’s daily Devotional – I am Loved. She holds two Doctoral degrees, one in health care chaplaincy and the other in Naturopathy (Original Medicine). She is a mother of four and lives in the state of Ohio.


Dr. Ekele P. Nwankwo

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