“I had taken massage before but the Rain drop massage as given by Ekele was a most relaxing experience for me. For the first time I slept off during a massage session. If I could get the opportunity I would love to repeat this experience quite often.”

– Marian, Maryland (USA)

That is very interesting… the first recommendation of yours that I tried was not to drink with meals so the saliva could do it’s job helping digest the food. You also mentioned that mixing certain foods in your stomach would start the fermentation process, which is bad for your body. It does make sense to me that eating fruit on an empty stomach is the right way to do it, since it is so easy to digest. I am not sure how all of that is linked to cancer, but I do know that it will certainly lead to better health, better digestion, and proper nutrient absorption. I especially like the inclusion of the different properties of certain fruits that make them healthy; with knowledge, I can receive the reward of peace of mind abou t what it going into my body.

Following the simple no-drinking-with-meals rule made an immediate different with my digestion, as well as not snacking between meals and staying mindful of food that would mix poorly in the stomach. I have lost weight in my midsection without having to go out of my way to exercise. When I got a bit lazy with it for a couple of weeks, digestion immediately returned to its previous state. This week, after starting the habits again, the positive changes are back. Scientifically, that proves to me that the digestive system certainly does work by the principles you told me about. Otherwise, why would the effects of habit change have been immediate? Eliminating meat on weekdays is making a slower change, but by these small changes alone I am feeling the effects of chronic depression much less, and I have a much more stable energy level. New and old positive coping/stress management strategies that I have l earned are coming much more easily and naturally, when they did not before no matter how much therapy I went through.

My psychiatrist told me that the point of medication was to act as a sort of brace or cast for my brain so it could heal from the trauma of repeated episodes of depression and get used to using different neural pathways. My goal is to achieve the same stability through lifestyle choices that are completely within my control. Consistency is key, and it is obviously working. I think that is a very good analogy for medication that offered me a useful perspective on how to overcome my illness; that analogy is the first bit on information a doctor gave me that actually gave me hope that I could recover instead of accepting depression as a permanent condition.

The lecture you send me a little while ago called “Emotional Health’s Best Kept Secret” was also very useful. It made me cry with relief that the speaker could attribute the sudden onset of his OCD to mercury toxicity, and that there was a simple solution, and that a healthy condition is simple to maintain. I knew exercise was important, but I did not realize why physical activity is so important and that our perception of it in the United States is so skewed. That is not necessarily to say that I have the same problem, but it is possible that there is a very simple explanation for my struggles. My illness has been with me so long that it became part of my personality and self-image before I even knew what it was. It has affected my life and choices in ways that make me so angry and regretful to think about. I have never known who I would be without it. I am slowly replacing that image with how God feels about me, and the hope that I have in Christ is replacing my hope that I had in myself to overcome my mental, physical, and emotional health issues.

Thank you for the support and for the very useful information. I hope you are enjoying your week.”

-Samantha, Ohio

“Dr. Ekele introduced me to essential oils and treated me a few times with the raindrop therapy. My neck problems improved, and to this day I still use the oils on my neck and wherever else I have arthritic discomfort. Whichever oil I use on my neck before I go to bed, I breathe it in from my hands before I go to sleep. I find it relaxing.”

– Julie Boney

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