The goal of our healthy living programs is to enable persons with special attachment to women 30 years and above to feel better, lighter, happier through preventive and restorative health education.


We focus on a holistic approach to general well-being – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Herbs, Certified Organic Essential oils and the best nutritional supplements are often suggested as the situation demands. You are provided with a variety of magazines, articles and books, for every aspect of living, to chose from in order to advance your health goals. Additionally, we are Red Cross Certified to teach Classes in First Aid/CPR/AED. You can book for large or small group training by calling (718) 506-8932 or by emailing us.

Healthy living programs

  • Diet, lifestyle, food choices and incidence of disease
  • Central obesity phenomenon in the USA – what helps and what does not
  • What disease really is and Real food for the soul
  • Man, movement and the mind
  • More years to life
  • Natural laws of health and the human body

Community health education

  • Personal or family lifestyle education
  • Depression, nutrition and mental health counseling
  • Kids nutrition education
  • Meal Planning
  • Helping schools and young adults keep fit by making healthy and informed choices
  • Working with women and seniors to combat obesity through practical eat more and weigh less education
  • Working with individuals and families by helping them to live better and feel better


We are Christian health educators. Health and nutritional counseling is available for persons dealing with various health challenges including arthritis, diabetes, alleges, smoking cessation, weight issues, other health challenges and more. If you are serious about making changes to your health, fill out our complementary health form (under services). You will be called within 1 to 2 business days to set up a meeting by phone or in person.


Community health Health and Wellness Assistance programs

  • Providing menus and recipes for the purpose of improving nutrition
  • Mentoring for healthy eating habits through lifestyle counseling
  • Use of herbal wholesome nutritional supplements
  • Meal planning
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